Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Llano Colonist, October 6, 1934: Yes I Am Homesick

This old editorial/headline below is something that should enter the hearts and minds of everyone who reads it. Something my wife Lorraine sent to me. Something to read and digest during these turbulent times, a time that some say is the "twilight" of democracy. Something being archived and saved. One of many from a collection of very old, and very fragile newspapers. Could've been written today. Could be someone is writing it right now. Could be.

The Llano Colonist is a newspaper produced by the members of Llano del Rio commune, or "colony" which began in 1871 at the Vernon Parish in Louisiana and flourished between 1914-1918 in the Mojave desert of Southern California. You can find out more about both the commune and the newspaper here.



VOLUME XIV, NUMBER 1424 Newllano, La., Berkeley, Cal., Washington, D.C. October 6, 1934

Yes I Am Homesick
by Morton Alexander

I AM HOMESICK -- Homesick for a land I have never seen. Homesick for the land I have long dreamed about, talked about, written about.

     I am homesick  for a land where men have shed their fangs and their claws -- where they have put aside the poisoned arrows of Selfishness and Greed and Envy and Lust and vain-glorious Conceit -- and have gathered together all their implements of cruelty and torture, pain and strife, and piled them upon the rubbish heap of time -- there to be consumed by the unquenchable fires of justice, progress and truth.

     Yes! I am homesick for the land of fellowship, of understanding, of brotherhood and love.

     I am homesick for a land where jails and asylums and poor-houses have crumbled back to dust -- where men no longer wear the menial garb of disgrace and dishonor, nor put it upon their fellows; where they no longer build dungeons for their own souls and prison-pens for their fellowmen. 

     I am homesick, too, for a land where man no longer struggles in daily conflict with his brother for possession of the bounties which God in his infinite beneficence, generously provided for all.

     I am homesick for a land where the boundary lines of nationality, and race and creed and color and caste have forever been blotted from the maps of the earth -- and where a united mankind can gather beneath the singing stars and raise its voice in joyful ecstasy to Him whose altar is all space, whose temple, earth, sea and sky.

     I am homesick for a land where the ignorance, folly and brutality of men no longer thwart, overthrow and destroy the patient efforts of the wise, the good and the true.

     AH YES! Homesick am I for that longed-for-land, far, far beyond the horizon of this, my troubled day -- the beauteous land of dreams fulfilled, of hopes realized, of ideals attained.

     Aren't you, too, my brother, my sister, homesick for this radiant land of heart's delight?

     Then come with me -- we are pilgrims on the same road. Let us go hand in hand.


Love, S.A. & Lorraine 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Poetry on a Pole by Jeremy Szuder, Pink Baby Doll Heads

By Los Angeles artist, poet/writer and musician Jeremy Szuder. On the telephone pole behind Salazar (and other places in the area). Nice!! Photo by yours truly.


 Frogtown Art Walk, September 2018.

Found this close by in a dead end... check out all the broken glass. Pink baby doll faces mounted on the dead end sign. No idea who the artist is. Checked online and couldn't find anything. If you know who this is, please contact me and spread the news so that I can give due cred. Photos by yours truly.

Just found out from my friend Jimmy Arone that this is the work of Denver based artist Yiannis Bellis.

 According to the artist, the pink baby doll faces are "here to remind us of the suffering of the children of Syria." Please read more here.

This one taken in Las Vegas recently.

Photo by Kip Duff.