Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 9th Poetry Celebrations: Jim Coke's Photographs of The Doors at Beyond Baroque & Edgar Allan Poet Publication Shindig at Library Girl

First up for the day will be a celebration of Jim Coke's photographs of L.A.'s most legendary rock band The Doors accompanied by a reading of ekphrastic poetry written for photos in the show.

Opening reception
Jim Coke: The Doors, July 15, 1967
an ekphrastic reading for
50 Years of The Doors!
celebrating Jim Coke's photographs

August 9, 2015 at 2pm

Beyond Baroque Literary Arts
681 Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

Jim Morrison and John Densmore with The Doors at L.A.'s first rock music festival Fantasy Faire and Music Festival, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, July 15, 1967. Photo by Jim Coke.

Those reading their poems written for 50 Years of The Doors! will be

Iris de Anda
Laurel Ann Bogen
Don Kingfisher Campbell
Jessica Wilson Cardenas
Juan Cardenas
Charles L. Davis
Shy But Flyy
Michael C. Ford
S.A. Griffin
Stevie Kalinich
Gerald Locklin
Brenda Petrakos
Kristin Sharp
Joan Jobe Smith
Carl Stillwell
Fred Voss
Pam Ward

Doors inspired music provided by Juan Cardenas and friends. Reception at 2, reading at 2:30, open reading 3:30.

Gazzarri's on the Sunset Strip, 1982: Morrison The Rock Opera. That's me squatting bottom left as the rock 'n roll DJ/host. Marilyn would be replaced by a woman doing Grace Slick. On Marilyn's right is Tom Boffi, my old pal from Chabot College days. Our lead Morrison Dave Brock is standing in the upper right hand corner, a live ringer for the late Jim. Dave would go on to establish himself as the pre-eminent "Jim Morrison" with his band Wild Child. Standing next to Dave is Alan Graham, married to Jim's sister Anne. Alan was our producer. In front of Dave is Jamie Segal, who, altho she looked nothing like her, did an absolutely astonishing job as Janis Joplin. Not pictured was my rock 'n roll running partner at the time, Jimi Graham, our Hendrix, who went on to play with the Babylon Warriors. Old Man Gazzarri was a helluva great guy. We lost a lot of irreplaceable Hollywood and rock history when that place went the way.

This includes footage shot for MTV back in the very beginning years. See if you can spot me, I had hair and was about 30 pounds lighter. Insane memories of that year spent rolling with this crew.

S.A. / L.A., photo by Mark Savage.

Then, later that same day at 7pm...
Library Girl Reading to celebrate the publication of

Edgar Allan Poet Journal #3
Los Angeles Edition 2015
Edited by Apryl Skies and Danny Baker

Cover photo by Alexis Rhone Francher.

You really do need to make reservations for this gig as Susan Hayden's Library Girl readings always sell out. Get your tickets here!

Mason Summit will open the show with a few original tunes, followed with readings by

Danny Baker
Laurel Ann Bogen
Michael C. Ford
S.A. Griffin
Rich Ferguson
Cls Ferguson
Alexis Rhone Francher
Marie Levrivain
Lynn Manning
Frank T. Rios
Apryl Skies
Gail Wronsky

Some of the readers will read their work as well as the work of others included in the anthology.

Library Girl
Ruskin Group Theatre
3000 Airport Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

$10 admission includes small bites and desserts!
All proceeds go directly to sustaining Ruskin Group Theatre

See ya at one, or both... love, S.A.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Milk: A Poetry Magazine, Double Issue 3/4

Cover by Chris Shellin.

Milk: A Poetry Magazine, Double Issue 3/4!
Edited by Abel Debritto and Joshua Johnson

I am deeply honored to be running with some incredibly esteemed company in this anthology. Cover is letter pressed in two colors, printed and bound by Bill Roberts especially for Milk. Limited to an edition of 250 copies; 54 pages, 8x10, 200 paperback ($12) and 50 hardcovers ($40) these babies are stuffed cover to cover with some of the biggest names in the poetry biz and are guaranteed to become collector's items.

Dig this crazy line-up:

Alexander Adams, Margaret Atwood, Amiri Baraka, Marvin Bell, Rick Benjamin, Robert Bly, George Bowering, Charles Bukowski, Billy Childish, Sandra Cisneros, Andrei Codrescu, Billy Collins, Norman Dubie, Stephen Dunn, Martin Espada, Edward Field, S.A. Griffin, Donald Hall, Jack Hirschman, Erica Jong, Ted Kooser, Ronald Koertge, Joanne Kyger, Micahel Lally, Ursula Le Guin, Philip Levine, Gerald Locklin, Michael McClure, David Meltzer, William Mohr, Andrew Motion, Carol Muske-Dukes, Joyce Carol Oates, David Ossman, Alicia Ostriker, Rochelle Owens, Robert Pinsky, Doren Robbins, Kay Ryan, Gary Soto, Anne Stevenson, Robert Sward, James Tate, Natasha Trethewey, Fred Wah, Diane Wakoski, Charles Webb, Ruth Weiss and C. D. Wright.


Cheers, S.A.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New from Rose of Sharon: Natural Geographics by Michael Lane Bruner

New from Rose of Sharon Press, Natural Geographics by Michael Lane Bruner. Photo by Bill Roberts.

No pics of the softcover yet, will get them up soon. Hand made and printed by Bill Roberts each hard bound edition have endpapers front and back taken from old National Geographic magazines.  A very limited run of 100 softbound and 10 unique hardbound editions. Sorry to say there are only 4 hardbound copies available.

A founding member of The Lost Tribe and The Carma Bums, Mike is a full professor of rhetoric and communication theory at Georgia State University. Devoting his time to his academic career lo, these many years, this volume represents his first published collection of verse. About damn time! The Professor and I have been hitting trails on and off the road for over 30 years and it was a true joy and privilege to work with Mike as editor, publisher and friend.  A really beautiful book inside and out.

You can get a copy directly from the author:

Michael Lane Bruner
POB 1215 Tucker, GA  30085

$20 softbound
$50 hardbound

Only 4 of 10 hard copies still available. Photo by Bill Roberts.

Los Angeles, CA
Covering the world with lines since 1988.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dreams Gone Mad With Hope by S.A. Griffin

The cover of my new book, Dreams Gone Mad With Hope

In Los Angeles and Southern California at

If you'd like a signed copy, send me an email and I'll be glad to oblige.

Art by the incomparable Matjames Metson,
intro by Village Voice art critic and Pop Surf Culture author Brian Chidester.

S.A. Griffin's words shoot across the page, piercing readers directly through the heart and brain. His writing is the literary version of a Jackson Pollack painting, only instead of paint, S.A.'s work is made of blood, sweat and tears. Sardonic and sharp, forlorn and joyous, he writes like an angel-eyed demon with wings made of vintage onionskin typing paper. His work- hell, his life- is informed by the Beats and their aesthetic, but he veers off into dangerous, previously uncharted territory. This book is S.A.'s own post-modern literary reality show, full of phrases that are as open to interpretation as they are an accurate assessment of the human condition. He is a genius... read him. – Pleasant Gehman, author of "Showgirl Confidential"

Twenty years ago an ex-friend who died in 2013 told me how much he loved S.A.'s latest book at the time, I reread it and it was great, I went home and reread his other books they were great. I am very pleased with S.A.'s new book and will treasure it too and reread it again and again, whether it is the Silver Surfer in Hollywood, Movie Queens at Schwab's or bug infested angels, S.A.'s world speaks to me. – Thomas R. Peters, Jr., owner of beat book shop, author of "100 missed train stations" and "certain birds"

For S.A. Griffin, poetry, art, life, love... it's all about the journey. This latest collection offers a rare glimpse into the unpaved highways of the heart, only stopping to top off the tank and wave to the angels littering the skyline of Heaven or Los Angeles. His poems are often a protest, a call and response, a love letter to a broken home long boarded up, they are points on a map in a story that is still being written, they wear their hearts on their sleeves, rolled up to expose the veins our shared history, parts of a whole, that together-- become everything. – John Dorsey, author of "Sodomy is a City in New Jersey"

S.A. Griffin's Dreams Gone Mad With Hope is beautiful, painful, joyous and absolutely riveting. This very personal collection delves into loss, memory, Los Angeles, America, world and love with a ferocity that is incredible, remarkable, honest and profound. Deeply touching and thoroughly entwined in what the word human means. The musicality and depth of his imagery are reflective of someone with keen perception and an exquisite heart. – Ellyn Maybe, Poet/Musician

s.a. griffin is the man who detonates the poetry bomb. a poet who's been laying it down true for years. he swings hard off the head making music that jumps. – mark hartenbach, author of "bring me the head of marko x"

Like, dig?