Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Beatitful Song and Dance for the Weary Heart and Soul


... and dance.

These two videos will lift your soul and heal your heart.

Thanks Mary Jane.



Saturday, June 27, 2020

Ronnie Burk -- Summer 1998

It is highly unlikely humanity will make it through the next century. Whether it is Palestine, India, Israel, Iran, Algeria, or the Texas panhandle, the most backward forms of religious fanaticism command the minds of outright zealots. Vast sections of humanity continue to justify their barbarism all in the name of an invisible God. One need only pick up a dollar to encounter the axiom: In God We Trust! Since 1945, after the lessons of an unprecedented war, a bankrupt economic system, and various nuclear explosions, mankind continues to prepare it's suicide. If the issue is power, and not the fear of nature and its primal peoples, or the fear of the Black man, or the fear of homosexuality or the countless other unconscious drivel emanating from the recesses of Western (Christian) capitalist man, then ladies and gentlemen, I suggest we all discard our rosaries, our mantras and whatever masochistic delusions we may all harbor concerning an after-life and kiss our asses good-bye. As for the statue erected in honor of the ignoble___________________, I say, blow it up!

New Mexico-Oklahoma-S.F.
Summer, 1998

Obsessive Love

To live in terror of it
the strange blossom
Already wilted
before it gets
the claw of all its

- Ronnie Burk

Ronnie Burk and Charles Henri Ford, Montauk, New York, late 1990s by Indra Tamang.

Ronnie Burk, Montauk, New York, late 1990s by Indra Tamang.

Ronnie Burk in Marin, California, 1999, by Tate Swindell.

Cancer Boogooloo (you are here) by Ronnie Burk.