Monday, February 26, 2018

Beyond Beat Festival, March 8-12, 2018

A truly tremendous thanks to EVERYONE who contributed, it was an AMAZING five days over the top with real magic and genuine spirit. Richard Modiano and I are over the proverbial moon with all, what a dream come true!! From beginning to end, unbelievable!! And closing last night with David Amram delivering his genius soul to a packed house on Jack Kerouac's birthday... it doesn't get any better... it just doesn't!! 

Beyond Baroque thanks you, Richard thanks you, my wife Lorraine thanks you, the gods and goddesses of any and all beatitude thank you, but most of all... yes, I thank you.

Thank you.

And the Beat goes on...


Flyer art by Mark Durham.

Beyond Beat Banner... art by Elaine Parks. Photo by Quentin Ring.

Beyond Beat, March 8-12, 2018
Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center

Beyond Beat is a five day festival of events celebrating Beat culture and history with those that were there, and those that are here now with participants gathering from all corners of the U.S. and abroad. Beyond Beat will examine the post WWII phenomenon that shaped an entire world as a literary, artistic and philosophical revolution that continues to influence and inspire minds and lives globally. In the words of legendary Beat poet Diane di Prima, "It's not a generation, it's a state of mind."

IMPORTANT NEWS: Brian Chidester, who was going to talk about So Cal coffee house culture, Eden Ahbez and surf, Saturday March 10th, 10am - noon, had to cancel. He is stuck on the east coast because of the weather and cannot get another flight out in time. We truly apologize to anyone who may be inconvenienced. Richard and I are very saddened by his circumstance. Thankfully, he is safe at home, but truly regrets not being able be part of Beyond Beat. We will miss him.

For further information and tickets please contact Beyond Baroque at (310) 822-3006, or you can email me, S.A. Griffin, here.


Thursday, March 8th - $15 for the evening, members $10. (Mail art, FREE! Mail art and money don't mix!)

Hassan, drums.

6PM - 7PM - (No admission, free to public) Beyond Beat International Mail Art opening, Mike Kelly Gallery.

7PM - 7:30PM - Frank T. Rios, burning of the poem/invocation and reading.

7:30PM - 8PM - Frank T. Rios, short documentary film by Don Rothenberg.

8PM - 8:30PM - Opening night performance: George Herms with Pegarty Long, Rushin' the Beat.

8:30PM - 9PM - Tate Swindell on San Francisco poet-performance artist, ruth weiss.

9PM - 11PM - Women of the Beat Generation reading: Eve Brandstein (Diane di Prima), Pegarty Long (Philomene Long), Phoebe MacAdams (Joanne Kyger), Skira Martinez (Janine Pomy Vega), Lorraine Perrotta (Carolyn Cassady), Susan Heldfond Saunders (Aya Tarlow)


Friday, March 9th - $15 for the evening, members $10.

8PM - 8:15PM - Gregory Corso Bomb performance.

8:15PM - 9:30PM - Reading with poets Neeli Cherkovski (My Beat Generation), and Paul Vangelisti.

9:30PM - 11PM - Neo-Beat reading: Laurel Ann Bogen, Victor Clevenger, John Dorsey, Rich Ferguson, Michael C Ford, Yama Lake, Marc Olmsted.

11PM - Midnight - Group howl of Howl by Allen Ginsberg.


Saturday, March 10th - $20 for the entire day, members $15.

BRIAN'S EVENT CANCELLED!! 10AM - Noon - Brian Chidester on So Cal Beat Coffee House culture, Eden Ahbez and surf.

Lunch Break, Noon - 1PM

1PM - 2PM - Bill Mohr on Venice West.

2PM - 3PM - Venice West panel: Bill Mohr (Moderator), Gayle Davis, S.A. Griffin, Joesph Patton, Frank T. Rios.

3PM - 4PM - V. Vale on The Intersection of Punk & Beat.

4PM - 5PM - Punk / Beat panel: V. Vale (Cancelled, Sick). Richard Modiano interview with Jerry Casale and audience.

5PM - 6PM - Punk / Beat reading: Linda J. Albertano, Iris Berry, Jack Brewer, Michael Lane Bruner, S.A. Griffin, Doug Knott, A. Razor.

Dinner Break, 6PM - 7PM

7PM - 9PM - Neuyorican Cafe - Luivette Resto (Curator). Li Yun Alvarado, Yago S. Cura, Joshua Evans, Alexandra Hohmann, Reynaldo Antonio Mac
ías, harold terezón.

9PM - 10PM - Panel on Bob Kaufman: Neeli Cherkovski, Tate Swindell.

10PM - 11:30PM - And If I Die, Bob Kaufman documentary film. Cancelled, film was stuck in NYC because of weather.


Sunday, March 11th - $20 for the entire day, members $15.

10AM - 11AM - Marc Olmsted on Buddhism and Beat.

11AM - Noon
- Buddhism and Beat panel: Marc Olmsted (Moderator), Julie Adler, Bob Branaman, Richard Modiano.

Lunch Break, Noon - 1PM

1PM - 2PM - Steve Silberman on the Legacy of Howl.

2PM - 3:30PM - Howl panel: Steve Silberman (Moderator), Richard Modiano, Marc Olmsted.

3:30PM - 4PM - William Margolis, short documentary film by Don Rothenberg.

4PM - 4:30PM - Tate Swindell on Herbert Huncke.

4:30PM - 5PM - Gay Beat reading: Marc Olmsted, Steve Silberman, Tate Swindell.

5PM - 6PM - Gay Beat panel: Steve Silberman (Moderator), Marc Olmsted, Steven Reigns, Tate Swindell.

Dinner Break, 6PM - 7PM

7PM - 7:30PM - Michael C Ford on Beat / Hollywood (Film & TV).

7:30PM - 10PM - Film screenings: Stan Brakhage, Bob Branaman, Bruce Conner. Short documentary, The Poetry Deal: A Film with Diane di Prima by Melanie La Rosa. Diane di Prima's film cancelled. Stuck with the Bob Kaufman doc in NYC because of weather. Additional films by Marc Olmsted screened.


Monday, March 12th - $25,  no discounts.

8PM - 8:30PM - Short film, Pull My Daisy by Robert Frank.

8:30PM - 9:30PM - Pat Thomas talks with David Amram.

9:30PM - 11PM - David Amram in performance.


To date, the international mail art exhibit has garnered submissions from 23 countries plus the U.S.!! This cobbled together image represents a portion of the fantastic submissions. Big thanks to Neal Taylor and Elaine Parks.

"Art is love is God." Wallace Berman

See you there.

S.A. Griffin and Richard Modiano
Your intrepid producers


Friday, August 4, 2017

New From Rose of Sharon Press: Lost Bastard Chronicles by Mark Hartenbach!!!

Lost Bastard Chronicles by Mark Hartenbach

New from Rose of Sharon Press, Lost Bastard Chronicles by Mark Hartenbach!!! Above is the front cover and spine. This perfect bound baby weighs in at 6" x 9" with paper wraps containing 258 pages of world class poetry by master wordsmith Mark Hartenbach. Full color covers and full color reproductions of original art by Mark inside.

"Two poets stand out in my mind as carrying on a tradition that took root in the Sixties through subsequent decades and into the new millennium. Some call it Meat, some Confessional, but those labels are not big enough to cover this breed of poetry, and so I'll leave it nameless. It's a poetry that connects more with the Beats than the Sixties, but stripped of the baggage of ideology and formalized spiritual quest that saddles much of Beat poetry; its language is lean and sharp and drills into everyday life, surfacing with nuggets of uncut truth that melt away if you try to incorporate them into something "bigger". The Mimeo Revolution was the vehicle that carried this poetry through the Sixties and early Seventies; after that, it was pretty much on its own. The poets I'm talking about are Albert Huffstickler, who died in February of 2002, and Mark Hartenbach, who carries on." John Bennett - Vagabond Press

It has been such a genuine honor and pleasure to work with Mark on this book. I hope that you will enjoy experiencing the book as much as I did helping to bring it to print.

John Dorsey, S.A. Griffin and Mark Hartenbach, E. Liverpool, Ohio, October 2012. Good times. Photo by Casey Rearick.

Since 1988


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Waywords & Meansigns: Finnegans Wake Set To Music Unabridged

Honored to be included in this amazing, off the hook creative project from the wrap around genius mind of Waywords & Meansigns Derek Pyle. This entire thing needs to be heard. And just as there are those who have read it, there are those that shall hear amazing sound designs and music recorded and imagined by a who's who of alternative live wires spinning soundscape counterpoints to sections of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. Ultimately Derek plans to have the entire book recorded this way. Of course, reimagining Finnegans Wake thru a small army of creative souls is an epic journey worthy of a lost city of melting gold. When Derek first contacted me about this project, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, I still don't. It's really that good. Birds speaking in tongues firing on the high wire.

Five of the tracks of the many have just popped up at half / cloth, an incredible website where you can chase down many a creative scene. Blown away that the track I recorded was invited to this magnificent tea party, for there is some seriously good stuff in this mix as laid down by Greg Nahabedian, Joel Wranning, Nigel Bryant and Layne Farmen.

Go there and let your eyes listen
to what your blind ears hear.

Enjoy! Love, S.A.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Harvey Korman Harvey Korman Harvey Korman by Dorsey, Griffin & Wannberg is here!!!

Harvey Korman Harvey Korman Harvey Korman

Just in time for Earth Day, Arbor Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, mid-day, your pet cat's birthday, heyday, Sunday thru Monday and salad days...

Harvey Korman Harvey Korman Harvey Korman
by John Dorsey, S.A. Griffin and Scott Wannberg

Is she, or isn't he? After a 12 year trip thru time, our sexy space angel is back with fellow wordsmiths John Dorsey, S.A. Griffin and Scott Wannberg on board laying it down for your eyes only!! Harvey Korman... is a brand spanking new title from Spartan Press, where everything's up to date in Kansas City! And of course, you too can have one of these crazy creatures for your very own. Back channel me and I will be more than glad to sign, seal and deliver one of these for $20.

Harvey Korman... by the same trio of intrepid wordsmiths that gave you 2005's Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel.

And if you like, there are still copies of this lovely object from a kinder, gentler era available as well, which I am glad to throw in for an additional $10.

John Dorsey, Scott Wannberg and S.A. Griffin. Unregulated Word, Kansas City, MO, August 2009, Prospero's Books. I have no idea who took the picture, but I would like to thank them. Scott was a happy as hell love machine and drunk as a proverbial stinking skunk that night celebrating the release of his first book on Perceval Press, Strange Movie Full of Death, and happy to be reunited after moving to Florence, Oregon a year earlier. After 20 years on the road and off, this would be our last round-up together as The Carma Bums. I would see Scott once again a year later in Los Angeles before he exited the building for good in 2011.

Harvey Korman... is dedicated to our beloved friends Scott Wannberg (1953-2011) and Marsha Getzler (1940-2015). Forever in our hearts and minds.

Marsha working her culinary magic, photo by S.A. Griffin.

Love, S.A.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Hideous Bible and Ozark Revelations by The Lost Bums

The Hideous Bible

S.A. Griffin's altered bible.

It all began in a cabin on the Lake of the Ozarks during the last week of May 2015. The Lost Tribe plus The Carma Bums, minus our late, great and dearly beloved electric brother Scott Wannberg, now, The Lost Bums. At the risk of killing one another, we four bad brothers; M. Lane Bruner, S.A. Griffin, Doug Knott and Mike M. Mollett, all decided to get together and art it up. 

Murderer's Row: Doug Knott, M. Lane Bruner, Mike M. Mollett, S.A. Griffin.

Michael Bruner created four books like the altered copy up top; all clean, yellow and empty except for random images that he had pasted into each. Our job, each of us, including Bruner, was to fill these books with random thoughts, words, poetry, etc. in response to the images we encountered in our books, what was going on around us at the time, or whatever resulted in the flashes of electricity that spark regardless.

Pages from S.A.'s altered bible.

Sitting on top of a table, the yellow book looked kind of like an old Gideon's Bible you'd find in some hotel room. Thus, our version, The Hideous Bible. Something that we too might contribute to the lost and found in some lonely hotel room where humans often find solace and religion in flickering televisions and hungry skin where insects are martyred by the light.

The Hideous Bible!

The first part of the Hideous Bible is comprised of these four books by each member respectively with words in the order they spilled forth, unedited. The second part of the book, the Prophesies, were written in response to  this experience in the Ozarks after returning home. The third part, Lost Manifestoes, was created by deleting (or erasure, as some refer to it) two of Andre Breton's surrealist manifestoes.

A genuine pocket book full of streaming sermons for this New Gilded Age of Felonious Unreason. So get with it, drop the Gestalt and get with the assault! N
ow you too can get with the times and assault your intelligence by owning your very own copy of this strange little book. For $15 out the door, this can be yours! Amaze your friends and confuse your dog! Impress the cat who could care less about you or this book! Grok with Spock in secret Vulcanese which has nothing to do with this book or Robert Heinlein!! But if there's time enough for love, there's time enough to read. Back channel me (or if you know them, contact any of the guys) and I will be glad to lay one of these petite beauties on ya!


The other sweet child that came as a result of that art-a-thon in the Ozarks was this CD, 
Ozark Revelations by The Lost Bums. Minted in an edition of 100, precious few left of these babies remain on our vast warehouse shelves. Recorded in Springfield, Missouri this CD is a document of The Bums laying down some classic Lost Tribe / Carma Bums material, some spontaneous stream stuff along with some good old artsy-fartsy dorking around. Hear Doug Knott soar glit-glit in canyons of bright thought! Hear Mike Mollett deride his empty chair and swear to never sit again! Hear Michael Bruner go wild with artistic abandon proclaiming the Ten Commandments of Love! Hear S.A. Griffin hesitate!

For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase, "out the door", it simply means all costs including taxes, shipping, hidden fees, etc. What you want to say to the used car salesman or the person selling you a new stereo in order to avoid sticker shock, "But I thought..." Thinking. That other sin. It's what's for dinner. So go ye now, sin and let us consume freely. Let us be practiced sinners together as we agree to disagree, thus allowing all to sin freely according to their own free will and credit scores. But just so you know, Will's fine. Talked to him yesterday at Trader Joe's. But what about free? Free, free!! Set free free again!!! I will if you will, so will, Will. Offer not good in states of delusion, confusion or exclusion. Good everywhere else this merchandise is not sold or given away.

The Whistleblower


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Cafe Bustelo clock

Picked this beauty up about 20 years ago, one of my truly favorite things. I was in a thrift store here in Los Angeles poking thru the shelves and saw this keeping time on the wall. I asked the guy working there if it was for sale. He said that he didn't think so, but he'd ask his father as it was his clock. I could see them talking to one another as the son pointed my way. He told me that his father was a Cuban immigrant from many years back and wanted to know why a non-Cuban like me would be interested in such a thing. I told him that Bustelo was my favorite bean and that I had been drinking it for many years. Pleased I suppose that it would be going to a real Bustelo coffee drinker, and a businessman at heart, the kind father offered it to me for $40 because the second hand had come off. I was thrilled and thanked him profusely. When I got it home and took a look at the second hand, the fix was easy, it simply needed to be reattached to the clock by screwing it back on.

My beautiful Bustelo clock has always kept perfect time. Never missing a beat it remains in the same great condition as it was the day I brought it home and has very little wear, only a few very small paint chips missing here and there, otherwise, it is in absolutely perfect shape. I expect that this wonderful time piece will continue to keep perfect pace with me until I check out and my Bustelo clock goes to the next.

Been searching for information on this beautiful clock for many years, but to no avail. And after countless late night internet searches I have not been able to find one single image. Recently contacted the Bustelo company and even they don't have archival information on it, must be one of the rarest clocks on Earth or planet Bustelo.

As you might be able to see, the piece is white plastic cased in a gold metal frame and is powered by an electric cord, no batteries in this one. The clock appears to be from the late 1950s or early 60s and measures at a little over two feet wide, slightly over a foot high and five and half inches deep.

If anyone out there has any information on the piece, please feel free to let me know. If anyone out there has another, that would be amazing, would love to see a pic of your Cafe Bustelo timepiece!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Official Language of Yes by Scott Wannberg!!

The language has landed!!!
The Official Language of Yes
by Scott Wannberg

Cover photo by Henry Mortensen, layout and design by Michele Perez.

After more than three years of work, and almost four years to the day after Scott's passing comes this wonderful new book for and by Scott Wannberg. The Official Language of Yes from Perceval Press is an 8.5"x11" hardbound volume with over 300 pages; a big beautiful book for a big beautiful man chock full of Scott's words, wit, wisdom, spontaneous jazz riffs and full color reproductions of original art.

Back cover. Beautiful words for Scott by Dave Alvin.

This collection includes some previously published work culled from small press anthologies, broadsides, periodicals and chapbooks with small runs; many rare and years out of print. However, by no means is this a best of or collected as close 90 per cent has never been seen in print. The Official Language of Yes is a true labor of love on the part of all involved. Edited by S.A. Griffin, the book includes a prologue by Viggo Mortensen and introduction by Henry Mortensen. Unbelievably priced at $25, this baby is the poetry deal of a lifetime!

The official poet of yes!!