Tuesday, April 10, 2018

MEAT 14 from Rose of Sharon Press!!!


What qualifies as affront.

Haven't put one of these babies together in some time since it had become cost prohibitive as this is all created to be given away... like, FREE! As you can see, this is MEAT 14. Comes in one size fits all in an 11x17 format, folded in half so as to fly thru the U.S. mail a bit easier.  Easier to wrap one's hands around as well. So please, eat up! If you'd like to get your hands on a copy (or copies) to distribute freely, please email me here. You pay the postage, I've already taken care of the rest.

And this would be aback, or the inside.

This issue is a slightly commemorative joint to celebrate the continental crossing of poets and pals John Dorsey and Victor Clevenger who drove all the way out to sunny, funny edge of world Los Angeles from the heartland of Missouri to participate in Beyond Beat at Beyond Baroque way back once upon a time a few weeks ago March 8-12, 2018. Sweet peaches and MEAT 14 contains words by Victor Clevenger, John Dorsey and a few from S.A. Griffin and the late, great Scott Wannberg. The background image on the "inside" is a faded photo of the old Venice West Cafe where once upon a time Beatniks, like proud finger snapping atomic Buffalo, once roamed freely across the blank pages of smoking history.  Strike up the band, I love a beret!

Because of cost, I only printed 200. Sent Victor and John about 50 each which leaves right around 100 here at our home offices in the nexus village of Los Fabulous only minutes from downtown El Lay. So please, if you would like to help in the distribution with a delicious copy (or more) of sweet peaches and MEAT 14 for your very own, please ask and you shall receive. Offer good while supplies don't last. Offer not valid where prohibited by in-laws and outlaws. 3 per cent sales tax added in states of confusion and despair. Delusional states need not apply. Free words... FREE WORDS!!!



Friday, March 23, 2018

Beyond Beat International Mail Art Show March 2018

UPDATE: May 11, 2018

Neal Taylor and I began putting together the catalogue today so I am posting a few more new pics from my vast warehouse of images. Enjoy!!

S.A. & Skooter

Opening night was March 8, 2018, International Women's Day, so I went and bought a bottle of special issue Johnny Walker Black just for the occasion. Someone took the black foil from the bottle and attached it to the box. The earring I put on there later, something I found in the parking lot at the Los Feliz Costco.

The clown who would be king, by richard c.

Jack & Bill by buZ blurr. Image on the bottom left of Jay DeFeo's masterpiece, The Rose.

The preview from a previous post. Hockneyed stuff sitting on tables at Skooter's studio waiting for installation at Beyond Baroque. This was our first serious look some of the incoming submissions from around the world.

Beyond Beat Mail Art Collage, S.A. Griffin

Hey kids, posting some photos from the exhibit up here for your perusal, please enjoy. We  are still receiving submissions which we will be putting up thru the end of the month when the show comes down, after which we will begin documenting everything and sending a document/artifact back to all the participants. An amazing show, and a true joy to mount!! Neal Taylor, Elaine Parks, John Tostado, Darlene Altschul and I had a helluva great time putting it all together. What a tremendous joy it was to work with them all, my sincerest and most creative, thanks! Wish that everyone could see the show, much more to come. I will also put together a video in the next few weeks and post it on YouTube so that everyone can see and enjoy the art that much better. So for now, please dig this photographic tour. Most of these shots were taken while we were putting it up for the opening night in the Mike Kelley Gallery at Beyond Baroque and on opening night itself. As I said, more stuff has gone up since so there will be more pics soon. Click on the pics to make them bigger.

Much love,

 The installation crew. Left to right: S.A. Griffin (SA/LA/LA/LA), Darlene Altschul (DKA), John Tostado (Oh Boy!), Elaine Parks and Neal Taylor (Skooter). Photo by Quentin Ring.

Bob Branaman.

Dive bomber of love.

Collaged box of suspended disbelief.

Oh Boy!

Ryosuke Cohen.

Lifeguards in the rain.

Tate Swindell checking out his bother Todd's art, much of it focused on San Francisco poet Harold Norse. Tate, who came down from San Francisco, was also a participant, presenting a segment on ruth weiss as well as sitting in on the Gay Beat panel.

"Yes" by Richard Bruland, BeBop Records and Fine Art (R.I.P.) friend to poet's, musicians and performance artists!!

Skooter scooting about.

Oh Boy!

The binder on the table has smaller postcard subs and other smaller art pieces in it.

Huntington librarians Anne Blecksmith (contributing artist in the mail art show) and Livia Hirsch-Shell (smiling on the right). Opening night.

Carolyn Rios and Don Rothenberg, opening night. Don came in from Vienna, Austria to screen two short docs about poets Frank T. Rios and William Margolis he shot in the late 1970s.

Richard Ross, Elaine Parks and Neal Taylor (Skooter) sporting their Dada 100 outfits created by Elaine. Opening night.

All pics by S.A. Griffin except where noted.


Friday, August 4, 2017

New From Rose of Sharon Press: Lost Bastard Chronicles by Mark Hartenbach!!!

Lost Bastard Chronicles by Mark Hartenbach

New from Rose of Sharon Press, Lost Bastard Chronicles by Mark Hartenbach!!! Above is the front cover and spine. This perfect bound baby weighs in at 6" x 9" with paper wraps containing 258 pages of world class poetry by master wordsmith Mark Hartenbach. Full color covers and full color reproductions of original art by Mark inside.

"Two poets stand out in my mind as carrying on a tradition that took root in the Sixties through subsequent decades and into the new millennium. Some call it Meat, some Confessional, but those labels are not big enough to cover this breed of poetry, and so I'll leave it nameless. It's a poetry that connects more with the Beats than the Sixties, but stripped of the baggage of ideology and formalized spiritual quest that saddles much of Beat poetry; its language is lean and sharp and drills into everyday life, surfacing with nuggets of uncut truth that melt away if you try to incorporate them into something "bigger". The Mimeo Revolution was the vehicle that carried this poetry through the Sixties and early Seventies; after that, it was pretty much on its own. The poets I'm talking about are Albert Huffstickler, who died in February of 2002, and Mark Hartenbach, who carries on." John Bennett - Vagabond Press

It has been such a genuine honor and pleasure to work with Mark on this book. I hope that you will enjoy experiencing the book as much as I did helping to bring it to print.

John Dorsey, S.A. Griffin and Mark Hartenbach, E. Liverpool, Ohio, October 2012. Good times. Photo by Casey Rearick.

Since 1988


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Waywords & Meansigns: Finnegans Wake Set To Music Unabridged

Honored to be included in this amazing, off the hook creative project from the wrap around genius mind of Waywords & Meansigns Derek Pyle. This entire thing needs to be heard. And just as there are those who have read it, there are those that shall hear amazing sound designs and music recorded and imagined by a who's who of alternative live wires spinning soundscape counterpoints to sections of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. Ultimately Derek plans to have the entire book recorded this way. Of course, reimagining Finnegans Wake thru a small army of creative souls is an epic journey worthy of a lost city of melting gold. When Derek first contacted me about this project, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, I still don't. It's really that good. Birds speaking in tongues firing on the high wire.

Five of the tracks of the many have just popped up at half / cloth, an incredible website where you can chase down many a creative scene. Blown away that the track I recorded was invited to this magnificent tea party, for there is some seriously good stuff in this mix as laid down by Greg Nahabedian, Joel Wranning, Nigel Bryant and Layne Farmen.

Go there and let your eyes listen
to what your blind ears hear.

Enjoy! Love, S.A.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Harvey Korman Harvey Korman Harvey Korman by Dorsey, Griffin & Wannberg is here!!!

Harvey Korman Harvey Korman Harvey Korman

Just in time for Earth Day, Arbor Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, mid-day, your pet cat's birthday, heyday, Sunday thru Monday and salad days...

Harvey Korman Harvey Korman Harvey Korman
by John Dorsey, S.A. Griffin and Scott Wannberg

Is she, or isn't he? After a 12 year trip thru time, our sexy space angel is back with fellow wordsmiths John Dorsey, S.A. Griffin and Scott Wannberg on board laying it down for your eyes only!! Harvey Korman... is a brand spanking new title from Spartan Press, where everything's up to date in Kansas City! And of course, you too can have one of these crazy creatures for your very own. Back channel me and I will be more than glad to sign, seal and deliver one of these for $20.

Harvey Korman... by the same trio of intrepid wordsmiths that gave you 2005's Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel.

And if you like, there are still copies of this lovely object from a kinder, gentler era available as well, which I am glad to throw in for an additional $10.

John Dorsey, Scott Wannberg and S.A. Griffin. Unregulated Word, Kansas City, MO, August 2009, Prospero's Books. I have no idea who took the picture, but I would like to thank them. Scott was a happy as hell love machine and drunk as a proverbial stinking skunk that night celebrating the release of his first book on Perceval Press, Strange Movie Full of Death, and happy to be reunited after moving to Florence, Oregon a year earlier. After 20 years on the road and off, this would be our last round-up together as The Carma Bums. I would see Scott once again a year later in Los Angeles before he exited the building for good in 2011.

Harvey Korman... is dedicated to our beloved friends Scott Wannberg (1953-2011) and Marsha Getzler (1940-2015). Forever in our hearts and minds.

Marsha working her culinary magic, photo by S.A. Griffin.

Love, S.A.