Friday, August 11, 2017

Tales From the Trumpside!!!

Tales From the Trumpside

America's starving democracy chews
on the lead paint of Roman empire
while back in Twitterville
Trump Thing paints
the town red

the nation's first violin is all thumbs
tweeting from the oval office of his well appointed dump
as the flaming truth races down Pennsylvania Avenue
like a house of cards on fire screaming,

Thing carves his initials into
the country's smoking headlines with the
burnt ends of his pointy hair

he's such a good boy

the tipping point meets the vanishing point
birthing a flash of light that re-imagines
the stuttering sky

the earth cracks open
starts spilling blood like there's
no tomorrow

all wailing walls surrender
beneath the tremendous weight of
empty promises kept

fire and fury beyond any
normal state

power the likes of which
the world has
never seen

S.A. Griffin

American Crisis

the harder the conflict
the more glorious the triumph
to bind us all with unlimited power
and we have none to blame
but ourselves

a ravage superstition in secret opinion
to avoid every decent method
which wisdom could invent

how rapidly panic runs through hidden thoughts
to secure a bridge to hell

there is a cabinet of fortitude in which
we must reason together
to awaken the flame of liberty
to set bounds  to progress
with the devotion of
happy revenge

the soft resentment of a suffering people
staked to their own determined language of sorrow
draw forth the heart steeled with prejudice
determined to lay shoulders to the future world
alarmed at one common danger

the blood of children
shrinks back at the man that can
smile and grow the business of little minds
reasoning that all the treasures of the world
support murder
the absolute reason of just cause

call me a whore of swearing allegiance
shrieking to the rocks and mountains
and slain of America
where the trick is to terrify
or seduce the people
and receive the power to
fear in the chain of mutual love
that breaks the vapors
of imagination

bring reason to your ears
hold up truth to fear
know well and see the way out of
our collected ravage
recruiting fast

we have the prospect of a glorious issue
the sad choice of a future
whose fathers shall look
on this picture
and weep

and yet there remains
one thoughtless wretch
who believes it not

S.A. Griffin

deleted from The Crisis by Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

American Carnage

Sherman's ghost leads a scorched earth campaign to the sea
using the Constitution to set countless fires

Trump grabs Lady Liberty's pussy,
"It's HUGE," he says of himself
fiddling as Washington burns

an ungovernable bonfire
of conceits

Liberty weeps

all hail
the American

S.A. Griffin