Wednesday, July 12, 2017


These started popping up on telephone poles and such around the neighborhood about a week ago. Fan mail from some flounder. Snapshots from the Copy and Distribute March on the Red House. A scene from that grave new hit movie The Red Scare, starring everyone. Check your local listings. A bold new remake from the mid 20th century. All about a right handed flying monkey who goes hard left and right again then morphs into a massive radioactive goo slobbering in the granite sunshine singing I wanna hold your hand and go back to the future with me so you can kiss my ass when you got no class. Hello, this is Kremlin the Frog, I'd like a well done thin crust future with lots of secrets on it. Heavy on the melting ice. Please copy and distribute. If we all work together, we might be able to find our Lost National Pride. Hope that the hungry coyotes or mountain lions or Agents of ICE didn't get it. Film at 11, 24/7. And what's all this about Health Hair? Who needs Health Hair, anyway.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Pity the Nation